Theragun G3PRO Review [2019] – Is It Worth It?

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Chronic pain from an injury led Dr. Jason Wersland to invent the Theragun.

It’s one of the leading brands of percussion massagers in the market; their flagship model, the Theragun G3PRO, is a hit with athletes, personal trainers, and social media influencers.

Recovery, pain management, and wellness can get expensive even with some at home options.

The G3PRO’s pricier than some of the other options in the market and boasts many upgrades from its previous version.

But does it justify the price tag?

In this review, we’ll be digging deep into the G3PRO’s features and what it can do to help you decide whether worth it or not.

What Is The Theragun G3PRO?

The G3PRO is the latest version from the Theragun percussive massager product line.

The brand is the most well-known of the percussive massagers out in the market with its first version released over a decade ago.

The device was designed and invented by a chiropractor to deal with his chronic pain from a motorcycle injury.

The G3PRO focuses on 2 actions: activation and recovery.

Activation deals with waking up the muscles, which is essentially warming the muscles up before strenuous activity, or training, in order to avoid strain.

The muscles are kept active by increasing blood flow, easing the soreness and stiffness, and initiating muscle firing especially in large muscle groups like the IT bands or the glutes.  

Keeping the muscles active prevents the muscles from tightening and spasming.

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Recovery happens after a workout and the G3PRO will help to soothe the soreness and give pain relief.

It also helps to heal previous injuries by breaking up scarring in the muscle and keeping the blood flowing within the muscles for faster myofascial release.

The original design for the Theragun G1 was based on Dr. Jason Wersland’s work as a chiropractor.

The newest versions – G3PRO, G3, and the Liv have been improved on in terms of ergonomic design, percussion speed, and usability.

The latest incarnation of the Theragun is optimally calibrated for the best possible results. The motor has been given a boost in terms of power but the sound it makes is lessened by 50%.

Continued use of the G3PRO will lead to improved performance as an athlete.

What’s really good about pain-relief with the G3PRO is it’s all natural, using the body’s internal pain signaling to relax.

No expensive and harmful pain meds to deal with.

This video will give you a really good idea of what the Theragun G3PRO is and what you can expect.

Where Do You Use The Theragun G3PRO?

Use the G3PRO wherever there is a pain.

A look at the partner app, available from the App Store and the Play Store, shows that the percussion massager can be useful in treating elbow tendonitis, bursitis in the lower back and hips, carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, tech neck, and tight shoulders.

Aside from the general aches and pains, the G3PRO is great in activating muscles before a workout and relaxing the muscles after a workout to limit the pain.

These muscles are found in the upper body – chest, deltoids, forearm, hands, lower back, neck, upper arms, and the upper back.

Let’s not forget the lower body with the adductors, calves, feet, glutes, hamstrings, hip flexors, quads, and IT Bands.

When treating muscle pain, it’s best to not overdo the massage. A sore muscle will not lose its painfulness if you keep poking at it.

Muscle activation and re-activation should be limited to 15-30 seconds per area.

While pain relief and recovery should not go beyond 2 minutes per area or you could risk more soreness or developing a bruise.

Who Is The Theragun G3PRO Built For?

The brand goes by the tagline “designed by professional, made for everybody.”

It’s very appropriate because comfort and pain relief is for everyone.

Although it’s targeted towards professional athletes and Olympians, anybody who can afford the hefty price tag is a potential user.

More on the price tag later.

The G3PRO is used by chiropractors, trainers, physical therapists, massage therapists, and instructors and can be found in wellness centers, gyms, and clinics.

G3PRO’s popularity has given it a strong following among professional and amateur athletes.

Kyrie Irving was famously spotted getting a spot treatment during a game in the 2017 NBA finals.

Dancers, yoga instructors, wellness experts, climbers, actors, even the fittest man in the world enjoy the use of the G3PRO when dealing with their muscle pain and recovery.

What Are The Benefits of Using A Theragun G3PRO?

Similar to our previous review of the TimTam Power Massager, the G3PRO brings a lot of benefits to its users.

  • It stabilizes the muscles and increases the range of motion in the arms, lateral muscles, and, rotator cuffs.
  • It wakes the muscles of the body. This is especially useful for people who sit for long periods. Use the G3PRO on the glutes to re-activate the muscles.
  • Stretches and warms up the muscle avoiding muscle strain and injury. Whatever you do–whether you deadlift 300 pounds, practice yoga poses, or take care of your kids–your muscles need warming up so you avoid injury.
  • Helps block pain signals from reaching the brain. Get pain relief – sciatica, your lower back, or your neck; a few minutes with the G3PRO and pain will be managed.
  • Relaxes inflamed and tight muscles by increasing blood flow to by working your IT bands. Encourages proper joint alignment in the knees and ankles, lessening the stress impact
  • Decreases the pressure on the neck, 60 pounds of it, from constantly looking down on smartphones or hunching over laptops.
  • Relaxes the overworked muscles due to repetitive strain like in the overuse of the arm and wrist to work a mouse or runner’s knee for joggers.
  • Revives grip strength in the hands and fires up the muscles that you prefer to use when you open a door or reach for the shelves.
  • Treats even sensitive areas with arthritis with their scientifically calibrated lighter percussion speed.

Summary Of Theragun G3PRO Benefits

To summarize, the benefits of the Theragun are:

  1. Increases blood flow
  2. Decreases lactic acid and helps lymph drainage reach optimum level
  3. Interrupts the pain cycle in the brain
  4. Relaxes muscles stiffness and spasms
  5. Helps to overcome muscle fatigue, tightness, knots, and soreness
  6. Speeds up muscle recovery and repair microtears
  7. Provides natural stress and pain relief

You can find more information about the benefits of percussion massage from our article.

What Do You Get When You Buy The Theragun?

  • The G3PRO percussive therapy device. The unit features an industrial-grade  Japanese motor encased in a professional-grade plastic frame. The motor is capable of producing a force of up to 60 pounds and 2 variable speed settings of 29 percussions per second (PPS) for the low setting and 40 PPS for the highest setting. The device weighs 3.1 pounds.
  • Six pro attachments that easily snap on and off. The attachments are made out of antimicrobial, non-porous PU foam. Sweat, oils, massage lotions and gel are easily washed or wiped off.
  • 1 Dampener attachment – This tip is a lot softer and has more give. It’s designed that way for use in the more bony areas and sore spots of the body.  Use the Dampener tip when you do not need as much force to treat your muscle groups. It measures 54 mm x 39.5 mm.
  • 1 Large Ball attachment – This tip is precisely engineered for large muscle groups like the quads, hamstrings, and glutes. It measures 66 mm x 66 mm.
  • 1 Standard Ball attachment – as the name implies, it’s what comes attached to the percussive device when it ships out. It is precision-designed to work for any body part and measures 48 mm x 37.4 mm.
  • 1 Wedge attachment – This is a special tip used specifically for scraping, flushing, and treatment of IT bands from the pelvis to the shin bone, and the shoulder blades as well. This attachment is similar to the tools and techniques used in Graston massage.
  • 1 Thumb attachment – A tip specially designed for massages that require thumb pressure like the lower back and in areas that require trigger point therapy.
  • 1 Cone attachment – This attachment is designed for trigger point and pinpoint muscle treatment. It is especially helpful for use in small muscle groups.
  • The unit comes with a zippered attachment pouch to store all your G3PRO’s attachments.
  • Two rechargeable 16-Volt batteries provide a continuous power supply by alternating charging and using the batteries. The batteries are easily interchangeable with one press to eject, and then slide a new battery and click into place.
  • One charging station, cord and power supply. It takes 75 minutes to fully charge the battery which will provide 75 minutes of power, more than enough for multiple sessions.
  • A premium travel case with compartments for all the parts of the percussion massager. The material is cloth-like but holds its shape. The case is the size of a small briefcase and weighs 9.5 pounds when everything is packed inside.

Summary Of Product Inclusions

Here’s a wrap up of everything you’ll receive when you purchase the percussive device:

  • One G3PRO percussive therapy device
  • Six pro attachments – Dampener, Large Ball, Standard Ball, Wedge, Thumb, and Cone
  • One attachment pouch
  • Two rechargeable 16-Volt batteries
  • One charging station, cord and power supply
  • A premium travel case.

Theragun G3PRO’s Other Available Accessories

Additional accessories you can buy are:

  • G3PRO battery  – The G3PRO comes with 2 batteries but Theragun offers batteries that you can purchase if you want an extra power source. It takes 75 minutes to fully charge a battery. Once charged, it has a battery life of 75 minutes.
  • Charging Stand – Theragun will be releasing a charging stand that can charge your G3PRO’s battery without removing it from the unit. It also works as your unit’s dock when you are not using it.

Each Theragun G3PRO purchase has a 1-year limited warranty.

There are currently 3 new models available from Theragun – G3PRO, G3, and the Liv.

The Pros: The Advantages Of The Theragun G3PRO

  • It’s compact and lightweight. The design is sleek, ergonomic and compact. No wasted space here. At 3.3 pounds it’s light. When you pack everything (machine, charger, attachments, accessories etc) into a travel case it weighs around 9 pounds.
  • Professional-grade quality plastic for the casing. You can really see the quality in the construction – from the design to the final product. This is a product that can handle constant daily use and you know it will last.
  • Change attachment tips with an easy snap-on, snap-off flick of the wrist. There are ball bearings on the attachment and on the arm of the percussion massager. This allows the attachments to snap on and off easily, no threads to screw and unscrew. Makes changing tips really quick.
  • Mobile and portable. All parts and accessories pack snugly into a carrying case so you can take your G3PRO with you anywhere. The case is about the size of a 13” laptop.  The device itself is 3.1 pounds, 9.5 if you include everything in the bag.
  • Improved battery life. The G2 battery life 45 minutes. The G3PRO comes with 2 Li-Ion batteries from Samsung with a combined charge of 150 minutes. There is also a battery power indicator along the shaft where the battery goes that shows how much power you have left. This is great for therapists that need a percussion massager throughout the entire day.
  • Massage arm can be adjusted in 4 ways. Reach over 90% of your body with the adjustable massage arm which you can change the angles of. Go from a straight 180°, 150°, 120°, to the standard 90°.
  • Ergonomic design and balanced weight let you grip the device from any side of the triangle without adding stress to your arm.
  • Comes with a complete set of six attachments. There is no need to buy additional attachments to complete your tip set, it’s already complete.
  • More powerful industrial-grade Japanese motor but with 50% less noise. Aside from noise reduction, the added power and torque is reflected in the addition of 2 speed settings – Standard with 40 PPS and Sensitive with 29 PPS.
  • Simple on and off switch. Turn it on with a press of a switch and another press to power off. This frees your fingers to better grip and control of the pressure you apply to the area massaged.

Summary Of Advantages:

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Professional-grade quality plastic for the device body
  • Easy snap-on and snap-off attachment replacement
  • Mobile and portable
  • Improved battery life
  • Massage arm can be adjusted 4 ways
  • Ergonomic design and balanced weight
  • Comes with a complete set of six attachments
  • More powerful motor but with 50% less noise
  • Simple on and off switch

The Cons: The Disadvantages Of The Theragun G3PRO

Here are a few areas the Theragun could be improved.

  • The motor is still loud. One of the most hyped features of the G3PRO was the reduced noise the motor makes. While the noise has been reduced from the previous model it’s still pretty loud.
  • Sticker shock. The Theragun is more expensive than its competitors; however, you are getting what you pay for (powerful, long-lasting, long battery life, etc). For me my health is paramount and the longevity of the percussion massager is quite important. It’s just a matter of what’s important to you. Other things to factor in is how often will you be using the device? Are you using it for personal use or for work? If you don’t need the long battery life and aren’t going to use the machine a lot you could look at a lower-cost alternative the TimTam Power Massager, which is a third of the price of the G3PRO.
  • The adjustable switching arm is tough to switch from one position to the next. This is not a big deal, just more of an annoyance. In the G2 model is was really easy to switch the positions of the arm (90° to 180° and vice versa), but the G3 model isn’t. I noticed the G3 requires more force to move the arm. I prefer the G2 style personally, but again this is just more of an annoyance than anything else.

Summary Of Disadvantages:

  • The motor is still loud
  • Premium price
  • More force is required to adjust the position of the adjustable switching arm

How To Use The Percussion Massager

The G3PRO is simple and easy to use.

It comes with a manual when you buy a unit and there is also a downloadable app for Android or iOS where you’ll find valuable tips and step-by-step tutorials.

Check to see if the batteries need charging. Slide the battery in and turn the device on.

Select the speed setting you prefer–Standard or Sensitive–by pressing the toggle button, and place device against the muscle area you want to treat.

For activation before a workout or physical activity, glide the G3PRO over the muscles you want to “wake up” for 30 seconds.

You can also use the G3PRO during your workouts to re-activate the muscles and relieve fatigue and cramps. Glide the G3PRO over tired muscles for 15 seconds to re-energize.

For recovery after a workout or pain relief, use the G3PRO on muscle groups and areas of the body for 2 minutes max.

Maximize the benefit of your massage by using the correct tip attachment to target different muscle groups.

Here’s are some tips on the right attachment to use for a specific body part:

  • Use the Dampener to treat painful spots like plantar fasciitis and your neck, or bony areas like shin splints and your wrists.
  • The Wedge is great to use on the shoulders and glutes with the wide, flat edge covering more muscle with each pass. It’s also great for bicep tendonitis and relaxing the IT bands.

A good rule to follow is to use the larger attachments (Large and Standard Ball, Wedge) to treat large muscle groups; smaller attachments (Thumb and Cone) work best when targeting specific, or hard to reach muscles.

Pro Tip: Adjusting the arm position also helps you reach parts of the body that can’t be reached with the standard arm positions of 90° and 180°. This would also help you have a better grip on the percussion device.

The attachments are made from non-porous PU foam.

The material doesn’t absorb oils or sweat and a quick swab with a cleaning wipe and your good to go.

It would be more hygienic to wash and dry before using it on others.

How Often Should You Use it?

Percussion massagers like the G3PRO are designed with safety in mind. How safe? The G3PRO can be used daily, up to 2 to 3 times per day.

Theragun recommends 15 minutes for a whole-body treatment.

Pace your usage so that you don’t experience any side effects.

Who Shouldn’t Use The Theragun G3PRO?

The Theragun is a scientifically-calibrated engine that produces precise speed and amplitude of 29 and 40 percussions per minute.

This type of therapy isn’t recommend for some people.

As usual, consult a medical professional if you suffer certain conditions or take blood thinners.

You will want to make sure you get cleared by your doctor first if you have peripheral diabetic neuropathy, high blood pressure, pulmonary edema, or deep vein thrombosis.

Children and pregnant women should not use the Theragun as well.

Remember the percussion massagers are aids and should not be used as a treatment for any medical condition.

When using any percussive machine or device you want to avoid areas with broken skin, open wounds, or inflammation.

Care should also be taken that the Theragun isn’t used on vulnerable areas of the body such as over the heart, the groin, the head, and along the spine.

The Verdict: Is The Theragun G3PRO Worth The Price?

If you’re looking to invest in a percussion massager that will eliminate your pain, help you recover quicker and that extremely durable, you can not go wrong with the Theragun G3PRO.

The Theragun is the best-in-class and improved significantly from the previous model in terms of battery life and important attachments.

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