Do Salt Lamps Dissolve? Find Out How Long They Last

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Salt lamps are great for health, and you may be wondering if they dissolve and how long they last.

That’s exactly what we’re going to cover right now.

Do salt lamps dissolve? Salt lamps do not dissolve. Being made of salt, it attracts water in the air which causes it to sweat or “leak.” Salt lamps in humid areas would leak more compared to when used in drier places. Exposure to dampness or water will cause the salt lamp to leak water and give the appearance of “melting.” The water wouldn’t fully dissolve the lamp unless it’s ground and boiled in 100° C water.  

What’s It Made Of?

It’s made of salt in crystal form. Himalayan salt has many uses, and is food grade and edible. Being made of salt, it’s hygroscopic. This means it attracts water molecules in the air that will eventually turn into water droplets.

Why Is It Leaking?

Leaking, sweating, or weeping are some of the words used to describe a salt lamp that starts to collect water. It has to do with one of the properties of salt – hygroscopic. It’s normal for a salt lamp to leak water, it confirms the lamp is genuine. Leaking occurs when a salt lamp is placed in humid areas like the kitchen or the bathroom. 

Do All Salt Lamps Leak?

All salt lamps have a tendency to leak, especially if placed in a damp or muggy room, or if the climate in your area has high humidity. If you live in a drier region, there will be fewer occurrences of leaks from your salt lamp.

How Do You Keep a Salt lamp From Leaking?

Short of moving to a drier place, you can prevent your lamp from leaking by keeping it turned on. The heat will keep the lamp dry. If your house has a thermostat control, adjust the setting to a comfortable dry level. Keep the lamp from bathrooms and kitchens so it stays leak-free.  

Why Is The Salt Lamp Flaking?

The salt lamp isn’t shedding or flaking. The flakes are salt that’s left from the leak after the water has evaporated. It’s like tears, when tears dry it leaves tracks and salt on the skin. Give your lamp a quick wipe down with a slightly damp cloth to remove the salty grit and follow it up with a dry rag to avoid potential leaks.

Does it Dissolve When It Gets Wet?

Salt lamps are, well, salt in crystal form. It will eventually dissolve if left submerged in water for a long period, emphasis on long. If the lamp leaks, wipe away the water using an absorbent cloth and it’s good as new. 

How Do I Clean A Salt Lamp?

To make your lamp last, maintain it by giving it a wipe down every week or so. Use a slightly damp cloth or sponge and give the lamp a few quick passes.

Don’t rinse it under running water as it will eventually erode the lamp and it will also cause problems with the electrical parts of the lamp

How Do I Keep A Salt Lamp From Leaking?

Here are a few tips to keep your salt lamp leak-free and flake-free. 

1. Keep in a cool dry area in your home. Make sure it’s placed away from moisture and steam, i.e. bathrooms, kitchens, laundry areas, etc.

2. Adjust the thermostat setting to a comfortably dry temperature. You can also use a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture in the air.

3. Give your lamp a wipe down at least once a week to dry it of excess moisture and clean off flakes. Use a damp cloth and follow with a dry one. Do not submerge lamp in water or use cleaning products, plain water will do. 

Note: make sure to turn off and unplug the lamp to avoid electrical accidents.

4. Use your salt lamp. Use it a lot, the more it is switched on, the drier and less likely it will leak. Cover your lamp with a plastic bag if you will not use it to keep moisture out.

5.  Make sure you are using the right bulb wattage to light up your salt lamp. If you leave the lamp on and it still sweats, the bulb wattage may not be enough to heat and dry the salt lamp. For 10-pound lamps, use a 15-watt lamp while a 20-pound lamb will need a 25-watt bulb. For lamps that are over 20 pounds, use a 40 to 60-watt bulb.

How Long Does A Salt Lamp Last?

It’s going to last a while. Forever would be a better time quantifier. It has existed for millions of years so it can survive being used. Just remember to use it often so it’s always dry and heated,  and doesn’t leak; keep it dry and not submerge in water; take care not to drop it (it is a crystal, hard but brittle); and your salt lamp will last for a long time.

How Hard Is Himalayan Salt?

Minerals are tested for hardness using the Mohs scale. In the scale, diamonds are the hardest with a score of 10, and the softest is talc crystal with a score of 1.

Himalayan salt has the same Mohs hardness score as gold. Gold is malleable though while Himalayan salt is brittle.

This means that when enough force is applied to the rock crystal—dropped from a height, hit, etc.–it will splinter.

Does Himalayan Salt Go Bad?

Salt is a natural preservative, it does not spoil or go bad. 

This does not mean that you can just ingest salt in any form. If the salt rock has been exposed to other forms of contamination, it might not be edible anymore.

That being said, edible salt and decorative salt use should be separate.

Where Can I Use A Salt Lamp?

People often use salt lamps in the bedroom because the soothing light emitted by the lamp helps them to relax and sleep better. But you can use a salt lamp in any room in the home provided the room has low humidity and isn’t damp. The kitchen, the laundry area, basements, bathrooms would have a high water content in the air and would cause the lamp to leak.

Aside from the home, salt lamps can also be used in family rooms, dens, offices, wellness centers, basically anywhere.

How Many Salt Lamps Do You Need In a Room?

A pound of salt can work for a 16 square foot room. If your master bedroom is 250 square feet, you’ll need a 15 to 20-pound sized salt lamp. Using the right sized lamp is essential so you get all the benefits.

You’ll also need to look into what the room is used for. If there are electronics in the room like television, phones, or tablets then you’ll have to factor that in when buying a salt lamp so it can effectively produce enough negative ions to counter the positive ions from the electronics.

Do Salt Lamps Have A Scent?

Himalayan salt does not have any scent but a salt lamp may help to clear out any lingering scents in a room such a cigarette smoke.

Use a salt lamp to neutralize other odors in the air which is particularly helpful for those with allergies and asthma.

How To Tell If A Salt Lamp is Fake

Due to the popularity of Himalayan salt lamps, fakes abound and are sold on the market. Here’s what to watch out for so you don’t get duped.

1. The light is too bright. A real salt lamp will produce a soft, soothing orange glow, it would not light up a room. 

2. It’s tough. Remember the keywords “hard but brittle.” If your lamp does not crumble or survives a fall without a few shards breaking off, it’s too durable to be genuine.

3. Its origins are unknown. If the salt lamp was not mined within the area of Khewra, Pakistan, it’s likely a fake lamp.

4. It doesn’t absorb water. When the salt lamp doesn’t attract moisture and stays dry even when not in use, you guessed it, it’s a copycat salt lamp.

5. The surface is smooth. Salt has a rough texture to it. If a lamp is overly smooth and polished, it will not be able to absorb moisture from the air.

5. The cost is surprisingly lower than the usual prices. White salt crystals are being passed off as Himalayan salt lamps. Using it will not bring you any health benefit or real savings when you have to cough up more money to buy a genuine salt lamp.

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